We’ll put our extensive knowledge and experience to good use when it comes to selecting the perfect stone for your project.

With our extensive experience and equipment, the design of your dreams will become a reality.

We provide competitive, detailed quotations.

All templating is done with our Proliner for accurate surface measurement. We are able to transfer the drawing taken of your surface directly from the Proliner to our CNC machine for processing.

The best stone processing equipment is used to ensure that the final product is of utmost quality and installation can proceed in a timely manner.

Fitting is done by a highly trained installation team with ample experience and attention to detail. We use only imported glues and resins of the highest quality.

Stone (whether natural or engineered), is very durable. However, we have the skills and equipment to minimise visual impact, should damage occur.

We are one of the largest installers of Granite, Marble, Quartz and Porcelain in South Africa and our stone selection reflects that. Our stone originates from Italy, India, Namibia, China as well as South Africa and we have a variation to choose from. We import affordable quality quartz directly from China and the price benefit is passed on to the customer. Porcelain is one of the newest, trendiest products to be used.



A kitchen is no longer only a space to cook meals. It has become the main room for entertainment, conversation and spending time with your family on a daily basis. Which means you will need an elegant yet durable surface for your kitchen tops. Finish off your kitchen and give it a timeless, luxurious look with our Granite, Quartz or Porcelain countertops.


Tiles offer an array of design possibilities and a large variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and textures. It offers great opportunity when used as an accent combined with other materials, such as wood, to add a unique design element to your staircase.


Splashbacks are the perfect alternative to tiles. It offers wall protection and can be used to good effect in conjunction with tiles. Splashbacks can either cover a portion of the wall (+-80mm high) or it can cover the entire wall above your granite countertops. Smaller splashbacks are popular amongst homeowners as it is a more understated, low-profile look, whereas others decide to go big and bold with a splashback that covers the entire wall between the countertops and cabinets.

Granite & Marble floors

Floors need to be durable, resistant to moisture, and still make a statement. The type of flooring installed can totally change the look and feel of a room. It also affects other design elements such as the cabinets and splashbacks. It is timeless, elegant, durable, easy to clean and no tow pieces of stone have the same colour, texture or pattern. While beautiful, stone is on of the more pricy flooring options.


Quite often bathroom countertops take a backseat while deciding on countertops for your home. Bathroom countertops don’t usually face the same degree of abuse as the ones in the kitchen (knives, hot pans, oven trays, etc), but it does face its own challenges. When choosing a vanity you need to consider functionality and visual appeal. The countertop is the number 1 factor that contributes to the overall look and feel of the space.

Indoor / Outdoor

Using Granite, Quartz or Porcelain outdoors (patio tables, outdoor kitchens, and bars) has become a hot trend. We have a large variety of colours to choose from which is a massive, stylish step up from the outdoor-surface standard, concrete.


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